Makeup Lessons

Have you ever felt that you shine away from using makeup because you don’t have the confidence to apply it?
Do you ever feel like you stuck in a same routine and need a new look but think makeup is ‘scary’? Do you need a makeup bag revamp?

Anna offers private and group makeup lessons to suit your needs. Anna will talk you through how to apply makeup step-by-step. Starting from skincare through to creating a day look and then transforming that into night look, sharing her tips and techniques. You will then have a chance to practice makeup application on yourself or on a friend in a group environment whilst guided my Anna every step of the way. Lesson will include optimizing and refreshing your current makeup bag, get rid of what you don’t need or out of date products and replace it with the products that were used to create your look. Anna offers individual and group lessons.


All Makeup and brushes are provided during the training session.

Makeup Lesson – Learn your own Face roughly 1.5/2 hours, 1 look. A lesson for Natural/day to day Makeup, Anna will do half of your face step by step and guide you to do the other side. Full Product and Brush Breakdown is provided at the end of the lesson - £80    


Glam Makeup Lesson for yourself – Perfect for advance makeup users this 2 hour lesson will include 1 Glam look showing contouring techniques as well as glam eye makeup. Anna will do one side of your face and guide you to do the other. Full Product and Brush Breakdown is provided at the end of the lesson - £150

1-1 Makeup Lessons - Perfect for Makeup Artists or aspiring Makeup Artists These lessons include a Full product and Brush list.

A model is required for these lesson:

•    1 Full Look £150.00 - (Roughly around 2 hours) 
•    2 Full Looks £250.00 - (Roughly around 4 hours)


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